Yes, All of My Pictures Have Turned to Cats

I regret to inform all 3.5 readers of my blog that all images from previous posts have been removed. In short, I had to cancel my Photobucket account because the company is run by a cohort of terrible monsters who don't care about account safety. What I failed to realize when saving all of my duck-faced selfies from 2007 was that deleting the "misc" folder, which looked none-too-important, would result in the destruction of all my blog photos.

Let's have a moment of silence for all the pictures that were lost in The Great Photobucket Purge of 2015; the sexy gif of Captain Von Trapp, the graph I made about how to walk in NYC, my before and after Accutane receipts, and, my personal favorite, the casual pickle. R.I.P.

On the bright side, Blogger, Photobucket, or possibly our feline overlords replaced all of the missing photos with a picture of a cat. At least my blog is still on brand.

Anyway, I've been straight negligent with this blog and I think The Great Purge will serve as a catalyst for me to start writing again. It takes an iota more effort than binging on Netflix with my bffs Smartfood and Kinder, but it's worth it. Talk at you soon!

PS: I found the casual pickle again - THANK GOD.