Artist Review: Adele

I'm really just making this post because I have absolutely no idea what to write about and just want a platform where I can rave like a banshee about Adele. Before this, I spent about ten minutes trying to write a post combining science and sandwiches, but then I realized that I had no idea what I was talking about and am just really hungry/wanted to include HD pictures of sandwiches in a post. To fulfill the latter desire:

Get in mah bellay!

Now that I've been placated, let's talk about Adele. I have no idea where she came from, but it seems like I blinked my eyes and her complete discography was all over the radio and everyone and their mom knew who she was. Prior to finding the spotlight, Adele was hurt bad. I mean real bad. That, or she is extremely creative and imaginative because almost every song's message is "I love you but ow, my heart" or "You really cut me deep and now I'm going to fuck up your shit." Her voice is like an angel's wet willie and I find myself listening to her albums on repeat. I also find myself singing with her, full blast and pants-less, in my room at 1:00am on a Sunday night (Monday morning?). But that's a different story. Her single, Rolling In The Deep, sounds like Etta James or Tina Turner but BETTER (yea, I said it). I have yet to have a negative reaction to my semi-fascist force-people-to-sit-down-and-listen-to-Adele sessions.

On top of all her mad harmonious skillz, Adele is just an awesome person. She is a curvier lady who does not give a single fuck about the beauty standards of society and the pressure that is put on her in the music industry to look a certain way. Below are some of Adele's most fabulous, body-positive quotes:

FUCK. YES. Reading stuff like this makes me feel incredibly empowered as woman who constantly struggles with loving her body (don't we all?). To stand up and say stuff like this, without shaming the other women who choose to go a different, more provacative, route, takes a lot of cajones and cerebros (that's balls and brains for you non-Spanish speakers [I don't speak Spanish either. I had to ask Sam, which led to me wondering if Spanish zombies moan "Cerebrossssssss..."]). Anyway, now I'm distracted by zombie thoughts and by how many parentheses are in the previous sentence. Punctuation, y u make me sad? Moving forward, Adele is a positive role model for women everywhere to learn to love themselves, respect other women, and do what's right and comfortable for them without judging and putting down others. Behind those angelic wet willies is a woman worth listening to, both with accompaniment and without.

I think that concludes this installment of "Taylor's Unfocused And Grammatically Offensive Tirades," or as you like to call it, "http://majorstranger.blogspot.com/." To sum up everything that's been discussed, here is a picture of Adele eating a sandwich (burgers are sandwiches, right?):


  1. I wish you would post like 400 things every day. I am endlessly amused by said tirades and enjoy them quite a bit.

    Also, I love her. She's incredible and I am obsessed.

    Cassie // Coffee & Chopsticks

  2. Thank you so much! I wish I had the creativity and time to post more.

    And AGREED. I am such a creep when it comes to Adele.

  3. I think I'm a bit in love with Adele. I've had tickets to see her for what seems like forever.. Hurry up September. I swear I'll hump her leg if I get anywhere close to her.

  4. OMG, If you get that close to her, please hump her leg for all of us. I am so jealous you're going to see her!

  5. I will, for sure! I'm a little sad that she has become so mainstream and a household name. I hate that everyone has now decided that she is amazing (I'm not disputed that, she is god-like in my eyes!) because of her latest album and chart success. I don't think I'm making much sense, I just wanna shout to all the annoying teenyboppers - "I found her first, she's mine!!!" I think the price of her next UK tour will go through the roof.. I got tickets for £30 each, absolute steal!!

  6. Hahaha how hipster of you! I know what you mean though. I can't believe you got tickets for so cheap!!! Tickets prices for her are through the roof now.


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